National Homelessness Advice Service

How we help:

Work to both prevent and manage homelessness across the UK through the combined services of Citizens Advice, nationally, and Shelter.

Advise registered organisations (Citizens Advice Waverley) and other advice providers who register with them, on Mortgage Debt and Housing Debt cases.

Run a Consultancy Line to registered advice providers, to prevent/deal with homelessness, and retain services of legal experts.

Provide support to all members of the Waverley Network (through Citizens Advice Waverley onward referral).

Offer a range of quality-assured training courses.


Where your circumstances are complex and you need help from various organisations, we can help you by making contact with several organisations within the Waverley network on your behalf, without you having to explain your circumstances to them over again.

For access, by referral, contact: Citizens Advice Waverley

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