Haslewey Centre

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How we help:

Run a Community Centre that welcomes all sections of the community in Haslemere and surrounding villages.

Offers a range of classes for all age groups; hosts outreach services including counselling, money advice, addiction recovery (SAdAS) and Macular Degeneration Society.

Houses the Orchard Club, a luncheon and social/activities club for older people and including those with disabilities.

Signposts customers to sources of advice and information, both within the Centre and in Haslemere and Waverley generally.


Where your circumstances are complex and you need help from various organisations, we can help you by making contact with several organisations within the Waverley network on your behalf, without you having to explain your circumstances to them over again.



Telephone: 01428 648 716

Address: Haslewey Community Centre, Lion Green, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1LD

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