Surrey Gypsy & Travellers’ Communities Forum

How we help:

Increase understanding within all sections of the wider community to resolve prejudices and ignorance.

Encourage the flow of information to reduce misunderstandings.

Provide opportunities to work together to build bridges between different elements of the wider community.

Identify problems and find solutions to enhance community safety.

Overcome prejudice, increase understanding of Traveller culture and promote equality of opportunity.

Offer direct support to help Gypsy/Traveller people engage with other services.

Provide training in Gypsy Traveller history, culture, issues and potential resolutions.


Where your circumstances are complex and you need help from various organisations, we can help you by making contact with several organisations within the Waverley network on your behalf, without you having to explain your circumstances to them over again.

Telephone: 07557 332404



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