Godalming Community Navigation Service

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How we help:

Provide a link for the socially isolated to access a wide range of help, services and activities in the communities of Godalming, Witley and the surrounding villages.

Assist the person to make first contact by making the arrangements for them and, in some cases, accompanying them on their first visit to social activities and other support services.

Provide a personalised one-on-one support service tailored to the specific needs of each individual client, making as many visits as required to enable them to make the appropriate social / support connections.

Signpost clients to other sources of help and support.


Where your circumstances are complex and you need help from various organisations, we can help you by making contact with several organisations within the Waverley network on your behalf, without you having to explain your circumstances to them over again.


Telephone: 07717 618 815

Address: Godalming Town Council, Bridge St, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1HT

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