40 Degreez

How we help:

Run three youth clubs for teens and young adults in Farnham, across various age ranges spanning 10 – 18, some with Youth Support worker guidance, to address social and communication issues.

Support for children with learning difficulties, with education or school attendance issues; from families with relationship problems or with addiction problems (through SAdAS outreach).

1-2-1 tuition and access to learning groups, through secondary school referral of pupils.

Enable access to training and work opportunities for young people, through partner agencies.

Signposting to sources of help especially regarding benefits, debt, relationship and family issues.


Where your circumstances are complex and you need help from various organisations, we can help you by making contact with several organisations within the Waverley network on your behalf, without you having to explain your circumstances to them over again.



Telephone: 01252 727087

Address: The 40 Degreez Centre, Dogflud Way, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7UD


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